Does this sometimes also happen to you ?

The search for new, qualified staff wears you off?

You need to divert your valuable time to undertaking numerous interviews and a lot of money toward expensive advertisements?


That can end here and now – we strive to provide you with the right person at the right place and right time for your company from our comprehensive pool of employees.

We will assume the responsibility to undertake the entire human resources management at fixed rates:

Personnel recruitment and/or selection through assessment. Temporary work to cover peak times when there is shortage of employees, owing to seasonal fluctuations or substitutes to fill in during vacation or periods of illness.

Professional and customized

As an innovating and expanding temp agency, our strength lies in the development of an overall professional and customized business plan to staff companies of customers seeking excellence that range from small to international companies.
The technical competence of your employees is the cornerstone of our success.

Our network gives us access to a comprehensive pool of employees. In order to maintain a high level of motivation among our employees, one significant contributing factor, apart from customer service, is the active and sustained personnel support.

Why temporary employment?

We live in very fast-changing times. And time is money. For that reason, more and more companies concentrate on their core competence and surrender their matters concerning human resources to professional staffing recruiters. That makes them free and effective on the market.

Concentrate on your core business area, while we assist you with meeting your seasonal or peak time staffing requirements or for stop-gap arrangements to meet other kinds of employee shortages, such as replacements to cover for sickness, vacation or maternity leave simply and without the attendant paperwork. We have access to a comprehensive employee pool and will choose a technically competent employee who meets your requirement profile.

You have these advantages:

  • Concentrating on your core business
  • Outsourcing of cost and time-intensive search for personnel
  • Enhancing your flexibility during peak times and in times of other kinds of staffing shortages
  • Swift and uncomplicated personnel reduction in the event of need
  • Possibility to schedule costs
  • Simplifying your human resources management
  • Elimination of vacation and sick-leave costs as well as holiday pay